Moba Law's Tax Department provides comprehensive Tax Advice to both companies and individuals. We specialize in Tax Returns, Tax Optimization, Tax Planning, and Document Submission to the AEAT (Spanish Tax Agency). Our mission is to simplify the complex world of Taxes in Spain for our clients.

We provide guidance and assistance in the following areas:

  • The Non-Residents Income Tax (NRIT) 
  • Property Purchase/Sale in Spain
  • Beckham Law (tax reduction for expats working in Spain)
  • Personal Income Tax-IRPF
  • Corporate Tax and Accounting for Companies
  • Quarterly or Monthly Tax Returns for Companies
  • Tax Returns and Accounting for Freelancers
  • Wealth Tax
  • Form 720 (Asset Declaration)
  • Asesoramiento y gestión  exención  7p
  • Other internacional forms

Our goal is to help you navigate efficiently in the Spanish tax landscape, minimizing your tax obligations and maximizing your benefits.

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