Inmigration and Global Mobility

Inmigration and Global Mobility

Moba Law’s Immigration Department provides expert Immigration Advice to Spain for individuals, companies, immigration agencies, and other intermediaries, such as real estate businesses involved in immigration processes. We provide comprehensive services that include assistance and monitoring in obtaining various permits and visas:

  • NIE (for EU and non-EU citizens)
  • Non-Profit Residence or Work Permit
  • Investor Permit (Golden Visa) for investments in real estate, bank deposits, shares, and businesses
  • Student Visa
  • Entrepreneur's Permit
  • Highly Qualified Professional Permit
  • Intra-company transfer
  • Spanish Nationality
  • Spanish Passport - Sephardic
  • Residence in Andorra
  • Family Reunification

Nuestro objetivo es facilitar tu transición a España, asegurando que se cumplan todas las obligaciones legales relacionadas con la inmigración.

Our goal is to facilitate your transition to Spain, ensuring all legal obligations related to immigration are met. Moreover, we are Global Mobility Specialists in Spain, committed to facilitating the transition of employees to new international settings. We handle all Legal Aspects of International Mobility, ensuring total Legal Compliance. Allow your team to relocate to Spain without setbacks, relying on our efficient and trustworthy Immigration Services. Our goal is to make international relocation a stress-free and fully legal experience for you and your team.

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